Day: February 23, 2023

Step by Step (😉) Guide to the Euro Step

Teaching the Euro Step using a games approach is an effective method for developing players’ skills in a dynamic, realistic and engaging way. A games approach has been the bread and butter approach for teaching basketball for decades in Spain.    The games approach involves creating game-like scenarios that replicate the specific skills and movements […]

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How to Build Trust!

At Club Estudiantes, coaches placed a strong emphasis on building trust with their players and within their teams. This is because trust is a vital component in the success of any team, and it is especially important in the high-pressure environment of competitive sports. I saw coaches use a variety of strategies to build an […]

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Setting Clear Team Expectations

At Club Estudiantes, Madrid, I received a fantastic education in establishing clear expectations for players through a combination of open communication, mutual respect, and a focus on team goals. Here are a few key approaches that I observed the Spanish basketball coaches using:   Clear communication: The coaches I worked with  believed that open communication […]

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