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Developing a Team Culture the Spanish Way

Developing team spirit and culture is a critical aspect of basketball coaching, particularly for Spanish basketball coaches. I had a great time both on and off court at Club Estudiantes with both coaches and players and I put this down to the spirit and culture which made me feel like I belonged to the club. Cultivating team culture helps players and coaches feel more connected and invested in their team, creating a positive environment that supports growth and success. Here are some ways that Spanish basketball coaches at Club Estudiantes developed team spirit and culture:


  1. Establishing Clear Expectations: The coach established clear expectations for the team, including team goals, values, and behavioural expectations. Players needed to know what was expected of them, both on and off the court, which created a positive team culture. These expectations should be communicated clearly and reinforced regularly throughout the season. Although the coaches played everyone they made it clear that some would play more than others. They would also make it clear that ofcourse coaches wanted to win but development came first. An example of this would be big minutes for future stars that needed time on court to develop even if skill-wise they may have been behind.  All players understood that this was key for the team, club, and culture due to expectations set on the first day.


  1. Building Trust: Trust is essential in building a positive team culture. Coaches can foster trust by establishing open communication with their players, providing regular feedback, and creating opportunities for players to voice their concerns. By listening and responding to player concerns, coaches show they care about their players and help establish trust between them. As mentioned in other posts, coaches would often meet in restaurants or up in the stands. Coaches and players would often have meetings in restaurants or before or after training. Another key would be to get to know the players and give the players opportunities connect with each other.


  1. Encouraging Positive Attitudes: Coaches must encourage positive attitudes among their players. Positive attitudes help create a positive atmosphere that is conducive to growth and success. Coaches can encourage positive attitudes by providing positive feedback when players perform well, and by modelling positive behaviour themselves. Of course we have all kicked off in training but I often saw coaches rather than shouting and screaming, calling a training session ‘time’ out and just having a conversation, taking emotions out of the equation and getting to the root of the problem.


  1. Emphasising Teamwork: A key element of basketball is teamwork. Coaches must encourage teamwork, both on and off the court. They can do this by organising team-building activities, such as group dinners or outings, and by emphasising the importance of working together during practice and games. Again, modelling this behaviour as coaches was a great way to foster team work, e.g. ‘let me help you carry this bench’ etc. We at Club Estudiantes also pressed pause in training to make a big deal of a perfect example of teamwork, no matter how small we would amplify it!


  1. Providing Support: Coaches must support their players throughout the season. This includes not only on-court support, but also off-court support. Coaches should be available to listen to player concerns and provide guidance and advice when needed. This was easy to do with 1:1 chats before, during or after training with questions as simple as ‘how are you?’.


  1. Encouraging a Competitive Environment: Competition is an essential element of basketball, and coaches must encourage competition among their players. This can be achieved by organising competitive drills and scrimmages during practice, and by emphasising the importance of competing at a high level during games. Although not the best nutritional advice, but we often had competitions and the winners would get donuts! Timed competitions, first to X, races, anything to get the competitive juices flowing.


  1. Celebrating Success: Coaches must celebrate team successes, both big and small. This can be achieved by acknowledging player achievements, such as milestones or personal bests e.g. that first left hand lay-up or dribble through the legs, and by celebrating team achievements, such as winning games or championships. Celebrating success helps players feel valued and connected to the team. 


Spanish basketball coaches develop team spirit and culture by establishing clear expectations, building trust, encouraging positive attitudes, emphasising teamwork, providing support, encouraging competition, and celebrating success. By cultivating a positive team culture, coaches can create an environment that supports growth and success, both on and off the court. I am sure you do all of these things but sometimes we don’t realise! Keep up the good work, Coach!

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